Take Action: Together We Can Help Create a World Thriving, Verdant and Secure

Listen to RMI Chief Scientist Amory Lovins explain why donor support is so critical to help us find, practice and scale solutions that the world needs.

When you make a gift to RMI it means that together we can accelerate:

  • Helping the United States rid its dependence on oil, contributing to peace and global security
  • Transforming the electric utility grid into one that is cleaner, smarter, and doesn’t rely on coal
  • Cutting significant energy use in buildings through two initiatives: RetroFit for existing commercial buildings and Superefficient Housing for residential, particularly affordable, housing
  • Preparing cities and transportation partners to support one million electric vehicles by 2020 through our Project Get Ready

Help Us Reach Our Goal

We are close to reaching our goal for the year-end. But we still need your support!"Fall

We would be honored to be included on your giving list this year. December 31st is your last chance to make a 2011 tax-deductible gift to RMI. If you have already made an end-of-year contribution, thank you and have a happy and prosperous New Year!