Photo by New America

Ted Halstead

RMI Tribute to Ted Halstead, Founder of the Climate Leadership Council

At RMI, we are deeply saddened to learn of Ted Halstead’s tragic death from a recent hiking accident in Spain, where he often spent time with his family. Ted was a visionary leader in addressing the climate crisis, bringing together people from across the United States and around the world to build creative solutions benefiting all stakeholders. His loss will be felt by everyone, as we continue working to solve the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. Our best tribute to Ted will be to double down on this work, carrying forward the cause to which he devoted his life.

Ted’s climate work not only spanned decades, but importantly strove to bridge the gaps between businesses and activists, different political parties, and more. As Chairman and CEO of the Climate Leadership Council, he built the broadest climate coalition in U.S. history, founded in collaboration with business, opinion and environmental leaders. The Council focuses on a carbon tax and dividend framework as a cost-effective, politically viable and equitable solution. Climate economists agree that pricing the carbon externality is the most important thing that can be done to address climate change.

The Climate Leadership Council was launched in 2017 to create alignment in the US for bold climate policy. It brings together a who’s who of business, opinion and environmental leaders to promote a carbon tax and dividends framework as the most cost-effective, equitable and politically-viable climate solution. The approach has over time been endorsed by over 3,500 U.S. economists, including all four living former Chairs of the Federal Reserve, 27 Nobel Laureate economists, and 15 former Chairs of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors.

Ted’s passion, eloquence and ability to build coalitions was striking and inspirational for us and so many others. At RMI we similarly strive to work with many different organizations, as we believe that collaboration and a focus on business-led, market-driven solutions can be an effective path to more rapid decarbonization. We will honor Ted’s memory by continuing to drive this important work forward. We will miss him and send our very best wishes to his family.

Photo by New America