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RE+ City Cohort Action Guide

Efficiency Standards for Rentals

How to use this action guide

The goal of this action guide is to equip policymakers with the resources needed to understand, design, implement, and administer efficiency standards for residential rental properties in their jurisdiction. This policy can build upon rental licensing policies.

This action guide is broken into three phases for policymakers looking to Prepare, Implement, and Administer a policy for minimum efficiency standards for residential rental policies:

  • Prepare: Create a policy blueprint: a living document to guide your policy development​
  • Create: Draft and pass the policy
  • Administer: Consider ongoing compliance, administration, and evaluation​

Policy Blueprint

This is a living document that summarizes the core goals, context, parameters, projected impacts, and stakeholders of the policy being developed in order to inform the implementation and administration phases.

RMI Report – “Better Rentals, Better City”

This report summarizes what your city should consider when crafting an efficiency standards for rentals policy and provides best practices and case studies.