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aerial view of a tanker ship refueling

Oceans of Opportunity

As the maritime industry decarbonizes, strategies exist for ports to become first movers in providing green methanol and ammonia bunkering.

Unlocking the Potential of Green Public Procurement in the Indian Economy

This report catalyzes the discussion around green public procurement of low-carbon steel and cement for the construction sector in India. It decodes India’s policy and institutional landscape around public procurement for steel and cement, unpacks global case studies, analyzes implications on key infrastructure projects, presents a business case, and offers an actionable roadmap to adopt GPP in India.

landfill trash hill

The Waste Methane Assessment Platform

The Waste Methane Assessment Platform (WasteMAP) provides data and resources including landscape assessments, technical assistance memos, and strategy playbooks that are custom-tailored for specific regions to help waste management officials, municipalities, policy makers, and other key decision makers reduce methane emissions from landfills and dumpsites.