ocean islands with solar panels in foreground

Global South

Greening India’s Homes and Vehicles with Low-Cost Finance

Pursuing low-carbon development is central to India’s Paris Agreement climate goals. In this pursuit, net-zero energy buildings (NZEBs) and electric vehicles (EVs) are the two high-leverage areas. The ability to deliver vast emissions reductions across rural and urban settings has brought NZEBs and EVs to the center of the climate…

Up to Our Necks in Water

From more intense hurricanes to the danger that sea level rise will inundate entire communities, climate change is an existential threat to islands around the world.

Hurricane Maria aftermath in Puerto Rico.

Bringing Reliable, Renewable Energy to the People

The Puerto Rico Community Energy Resilience Initiative shows that a community-driven process combined with flexible capital and technical assistance is the most effective way to serve the underserved.