power lines and wind turbines over a solar field at sunset


The UCSD Microgrid – Showing the Future of Electricity … Today

Rocky Mountain Institute visited the University of California, San Diego to study and document the “microgrid” that controls and integrates electricity supply and demand on the campus. UCSD’s microgrid is one of the best examples of an electricity network that provides local control yet is interconnected with the larger electricity grid.

Join Us for a Live Chat 1/19 at 11AM MST: Transforming the U.S. Solar Market

In the collaborative spirit of RMI’s solar program, Jesse Morris and Ned Harvey will host a live chat on Thursday, Jan. 19 at 11 AM MST. At this event we’ll give an overview of RMI’s solar program, briefly discuss several of our current solar projects, and dedicate most of the web chat to answering questions from participants.

The Innovation Economy: Cleantech’s Economic Power

Listen to RMI Chief Scientist Amory Lovins explain to Merrill Lynch's Pamela Faatz how Reinventing Fire offers a new vision that can revitalize business models and end-run Washington gridlock.

Standard, Showy or Fit: What do Consumers Want from an EV?

According to The New York Times, the electric cars on display in Detroit are adopting one of two overriding design philosophies: make it exciting, or make it familiar. But what do consumers really want out of their EV's?