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The Carbon-Free City Handbook: Buildings

The built environment is responsible for nearly 50 percent of all GHG emissions in large cities. So any carbon-free commitment must address building energy use.

Pathways to Zero: Tools for Carbon-Free Buildings, Districts, and Communities

Putting the buildings sector on a pathway to zero carbon emissions is of critical importance. And an increasing number of cities, states, developers, and building occupants are seeking the best ways to improve the performance of buildings while improving resilience, stimulating economic growth, and meeting ambitious environmental goals. RMI’s research series—Pathways…

Lumens as a Service

The energy revolution has been fueled by business model innovations that provide services to end users, rather than selling them capital. For solar photovoltaics, the innovation was the power purchase agreement. For mobility, it’s been a shift from personal car ownership to mobility services provided by the likes of Uber…

Energy Efficiency and Net-Zero Buildings: GSA & RMI Answer the Call (Executive Summary)

THE GSA’S COMMITMENTThe nation’s largest landlord is answering President Obama’s call to pursue deep energy savings and net-zero energy in buildings. Earlier this spring, the President and Congress each issued directives that extended aggressive energy efficiency goals into the next decade, drawing attention to topics like net-zero energy and promoting…

How to Calculate and Present Deep Retrofit Value (Executive Summary)

Energy efficiency building retrofits in the United States and around the world are attractive investments, but receive far less attention and capital than they deserve. This is in part due to a narrow definition of their value, typically focused on energy cost savings alone, and in part due to confusion…