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360 Perspective on Federal Deep Energy Retrofits

Deep energy retrofits, which can save upwards of 50 percent or more of a building’s energy consumption, hold the key to enabling significant building energy use reductions and operational cost savings. They could also bring federal agencies into compliance with federal energy efficiency mandates. While this opportunity has long been…

Next Generation Energy Management: A Roadmap to the Next Level of Performance Phase One Report

CoreNet Global and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) have established a new research and engagement collaboration to help corporations develop and execute next generation energy management plans to drive corporate energy performance to the highest possible level; transforming corporate real estate energy use away from fossil fuels through increased investment in…

Request for Proposal for Building Energy Modeling Services

This document serves as a template and comprehensive example of a request for proposal for securing building simulation performance modeling services for a fictional building. It is designed to help building owners articulate the services they desire. It also directs the response format to facilitate proposal comparison to reveal distinguishing…