RMI30: What We’ve Created Together (Video)

For 30 years, together with our supporters, Rocky Mountain Institute has worked to make the world a better place by driving the efficient and restorative use of resources.

RMI’s donor-funded research reveals novel, often trans-disciplinary solutions to tough problems. Then, we take these breakthrough insights and drive their adoption by engaging with creative and powerful partners across business, government, and civil society to overcome the barriers that stand in the way of a clean, reliable, and secure energy system.

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“RMI has shown the military the advantages of energy efficiency and the advantages of substitution of other forms of energy for fossil fuels. This is changing the knowledge base, attitudes and focus of military leaders.”
-VADM Dennis V. McGinn, (USN, Retired), President of ACORE

Watch now, and find out how RMI’s work is made possible through the generous support of our donors, and that we need supporters like you to help us build a world we can leave behind for our children.

“What I love about Rocky Mountain Institute is that they are clearly business-led and collaborative. They are not shy. They have offered big solutions to problems and are pushing for a major paradigm shift which our communities need.”
David Allen, Principal, McKinstry