A Conversation with Amory Lovins and Jules Kortenhorst

A new, dynamic CEO. An iconic, transformational founder.

Two visionary leaders sit down to talk in a wide-ranging discussion about how RMI has worked the energy challenge for more than 30 years, and how important our donors are to our success. Listen to Lovins and Kortenhorst explain how the foremost challenge of our time must be solved “from the bottom up”—not through top-down government edict but via the private sector and the power of the marketplace.

Watch now, and you’ll learn:

  • How our donors make RMI’s work possible
  • How fast the energy landscape is changing—and why RMI is poised to drive impact
  • How RMI will continue to advance the efficiency and renewables revolution

“We have a moral responsibility to safely hand over this planet to our children and grandchildren,” Kortenhorst says. “If we don’t address the energy transformation at sufficient speed and intensity, we’ll not be able to do that.”