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Iran, Electric Cars and Our Stuck Narrative

With Iran threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz, chokepoint for the passage of 17 percent of globally traded oil, this is a good time to introduce myself to Outlet readers. This set of issues—oil addiction and the vehicle-centric, land-abusing society it engenders—has a lot to do with why I joined RMI as editorial director after a 30-year newspaper career.

Whom Do We Follow on Social Networks?

Over the past year, RMI significantly increased its use of social networks as a means for informing and learning from today’s discourse around energy. Here are a few of the folks we follow on twitter.

Top RMI news of 2011

Amory Lovins is on Twitter! Exciting, yes, but that was not the only news from RMI in 2011.

Solar Horizon for 2012 Shows Shadows, Bright Spots

The U.S. solar industry ends 2011 with a mix of news that’s being interpreted both as a sign that solar is near a mainstream tipping point and that it is in deep trouble. Which is it?