earth in palm of hands

This Earth Day, RMI Remembers 40 years of Planet-Saving Action

In April 1970, millions of Americans gathered to protest a planet in peril. It was an era when the poisoning of our environment was visible and tangible: smokestack emissions darkened skies, industrial runoff tainted rivers and lakes, and trash tarnished landscapes. The moment birthed an era of transformative regulations — and led to an environment that today, 50 years on, is cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable.

A dozen years later, RMI was born to tackle a resource many people don’t even think about — where they get their energy from. We began as a small team in Colorado with a big vision to use less energy and other resources. Today, the climate crisis is putting the planet in peril again. And RMI’s market-focused approach has transformed industries, states, and nations — contributing to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to help the world avoid a planetary crisis.

This week we celebrate both milestones, and the cascade of successes that both Earth Day and RMI have helped bring to reality.