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e-Lab Accelerator

Teams and Faculty

2018 Teams

e–Lab Accelerator projects tackle unique challenges that—when solved—can help drive the entire industry forward. Accelerator 2018 is bringing together projects focused on the following themes:

  • Distributed Grid Infrastructure: initiatives deploying least-cost portfolios of DERs and utility scale renewables that can complement, defer, or avoid traditional infrastructure investments (e.g., T&D assets, generators).
  • Business Models and Rate Design: projects advancing the implementation of new business models and pricing mechanisms that accelerate the transformation to a low-carbon energy system and enable cost-effective customer adoption of DERs.
  • Low and Moderate Income Community Engagement: projects creating solutions that empower and improve the lives of low-income households and communities through integrated DER solutions.
  • DER Adoption Acceleration: other projects to accelerate the adoption of cost-competitive DERs. Examples: community-scale DER solutions; microgrid programs; planning or innovation districts; resilient infrastructure pricing and planning; wholesale market reform; 100% renewable energy commitments and action plans; transactive energy and new market platforms (e.g., blockchain).

Further information on teams from previous Accelerator events can be found below:

Further information on teams that are attending Accelerator 2018 can be found below:

The GridOptimal Initiative

Creating metrics and building a rating system to define buildings as grid citizens.

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Juneau Renewable Heating

Outlining the strategic path for Juneau to serve thermal energy requirements from renewable sources.

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Southern Company Non-Wires Alternatives

Exploring regulatory approaches to non-wires alternatives.

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DEEP-HARBOR: Distributed Energy Equity Program - Health And Resilience Benefitting Our Residents

Designing a preferred resources pilot to benefit disadvantaged communities in southwest LA.

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Project WORP: West Oakland Renewable Power

Developing an implementation plan for community-owned, large-scale industrial solar generation in West Oakland.

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Testing Smart Load Growth through Enhanced EV Readiness

Testing strategies to speed conversion to electric vehicles and advantageously shape load.

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Strategically Growing NM Renewables

Helping PNM facilitate a 30%+ renewable energy supply and strengthen relations with affected communities.

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North Minneapolis Microgrid Project

Designing an implementation plan and business model for a community microgrid in North Minneapolis.

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PGE Test Bed

Testing hypotheses and critical assumptions about the potential of flexible loads in the Northwest.

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Military Energy Resilience Catalyst (MERC)

Developing replicable models to streamline deployment of resilient energy systems.

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Illinois Energy Future - Developing Projects to Support the Future Grid

Developing four different pilots to reduce peak demand with a focus on LMI communities.

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Overcoming Challenges to Renter Energy Equity

Protecting low-income renters from new utility rate designs and strengthening the value proposition for multifamily clean energy investments.

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Expert eLab faculty are on-hand throughout the meeting to offer training and insights on critical content areas. Faculty expertise include topics such as regulatory transformation, portfolio design for renewable resources, transition strategies for energy system change, best practices for stakeholder engagement, and venture capital in electricity. eLab faculty are also available throughout the Accelerator meeting to provide specific feedback and coaching to support each team’s project.

In addition to faculty, experienced facilitators from Rocky Mountain Institute and Reos Partners are assigned to each team to lead project discussions.


Peter Bronski
Former Director of Program Marketing and Editorial Director at RMI
Strategic Marketing Eco Solutions Panasonic

Michael Brylawski
Founder and Former CEO of Evercar/Vision Fleet

Sunil Cherian
Founder and CEO of Spirae

Steve Corneli
Former Senior Vice President Policy and Strategy NRG

Lorenzo Kristov
Principal Market and Infrastructure Policy at California Independent System Operator

Karl Rabago
Principal Rabago Energy

Richard Sedano
Principal and US Programs Director Regulatory Assistance Project

Eleanor Stein
Energy Innovation and Professor at Albany Law School

James Newcomb
Managing Director

Stephan Dolezalek
Managing Director Resourcient Group

Clay Phillips
Founder & Principal of Crow's Nest Consulting

Jon Wellinghoff
CEO and Founder at Grid Policy Inc.
Former Chief Policy Officer at SolarCity