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e-Lab Accelerator

Teams and Faculty

2017 TEAMS

eLab Accelerator projects tackle unique challenges that—when solved—can help drive the entire industry forward. Accelerator 2017 will bring together projects focused on the following themes:

  • New Business Models: Projects explore new utility business models, market structures, and regulatory efforts focused on optimizing the value of distributed energy resources (DERs) for all stakeholders
  • DER Value Creation: Projects tackle new rate designs, compensation mechanisms (e.g. PACE financing, net metering reform, etc.), deployment strategies, and customer engagement programs focused on creating value streams for DERs (e.g. distributed solar, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, etc.)
  • Microgrids & More: Projects demonstrate or pilot innovative local, community-based DER solutions such as microgrids, downtown clean energy zones, net-zero districts, climate action planning, community solar projects, and others

Further information on teams who are attending Accelerator 2017 can be found below (more coming soon).

Toward 100% Renewable Energy: Accelerating State Action

Building a strategy to support legislators to accelerate renewable energy standards at the state level across the country.

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Charlotte Public Safety Campus Microgrid

Accelerating the CPSC project and create a repeatable model and framework for other critical facilities to implement microgrids in the future.

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North Franklin Community Energy Project

Developing a replicable business model to expand access to solar energy for all customers and become a driver for economic development and environmental benefits within the community.

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Demand Management in the Nation’s Capitol

Developing an implementation plan for significantly reducing peak energy costs and the risk of stranded distribution assets, especially focusing on areas of load growth and capital investments.

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Electrification of Municipal Vehicles in New York

Creating a robust plan for an electric bus program for the New York City MTA that addresses key barriers to pilot success and scalability.

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EVs and the Grid

Developing a new public EV charging rate based on the data provided by team members regarding charging behavior, site host characteristics, and grid needs.

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Providing factual and complete information to enhance policy decision making so technical grid integration and modernization issues are not a barrier to reliable, economic and lower GHG futures.

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Illinois Energy Future

Developing a roadmap of the activities and outcomes necessary to engage stakeholders in defining the utility of the future for Illinois.

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Minnesota Evolution

Advancing electric vehicle policy in Minnesota by identifying near-term policy priorities and developing a strategic plan for policy roll-out.

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Oakland Electric Reliability Project

Developing an innovative DER-based solution to an identified reliability need near Jack London Square in downtown Oakland.

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Renewable Resilient Power for Portland

Designing a replicable, neighborhood-scale planning process for identifying and prioritizing sites for solar-plus-storage (s+s) valued by stakeholders.

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Scalable DER Pricing Mechanisms

Developing a scalable framework to integrate and compensate all forms of DERs that provide benefits to the grid or other customers.

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Sun Shares

Scale Sun Shares is a model to bring solar to low- and moderate-income wage-earning employees through employer benefits programs.

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Expert eLab faculty are on-hand throughout the meeting to offer training and insights on critical content areas. Faculty expertise include topics such as regulatory transformation, portfolio design for renewable resources, transition strategies for energy system change, best practices for stakeholder engagement, and venture capital in electricity. eLab faculty are also available throughout the Accelerator meeting to provide specific feedback and coaching to support each team’s project.

In addition to faculty, experienced facilitators from Rocky Mountain Institute and Reos Partners are assigned to each team to lead project discussions.

Pete Bronski

Strategic Marketing in Energy and Smart Cities at Panasonic USA

Michael Brylawski

Mission-driven entrepreneur, consultant, and researcher

Sunil Cherian

Founder and CEO of Spirae

Steve Corneli

Strategic solutions for power sector innovators

Lorenzo Kristov

Principal, Market and Infrastructure Policy at California Independent System Operator (CAISO)

Karl Rabago

Executive Director at Pace Energy and Climate Center

Richard Sedano

Director at Regulatory Assistance Project

Eleanor Stein

Former Project Manager for the Reforming the Energy Vision initiative at the New York Public Service Commission

James Newcomb

Managing Director at RMI, co-founder of e-Lab

Stephan Dolezalek

Managing Director at Resourcient Group LLC

Clay Phillips

Founder & Principal, Crow's Nest Consulting LLC

Jon Wellinghoff

Principal at Policy/DER Consulting