e-Lab Accelerator 2019

Teams and Faculty

2019 Teams

eLab Accelerator projects tackle unique challenges that—when solved—can help drive the entire industry forward. Accelerator 2019 brought together projects focused on the following themes:

  • New business models for utilities and other solutions providers:Projects to advance new business models that accelerate the transformation to a low-carbon energy system.
  • Grid modernization and planning for DERs:Projects to meet emerging transmission, distribution, and generation needs through integrated planning for non-fossil resources.
  • Electrification of buildings:Projects to help scale widespread transition of homes and businesses off of fossil fuels for space and water heating and other end uses, toward efficient use of low-carbon electricity.
  • DER adoption at scale:Other projects to accelerate the adoption of cost-competitive and beneficial DERs.

Further information on teams that attended Accelerator 2019 can be found below:

Battery Storage Game Plan

Accelerating the deployment of battery storage for electric cooperatives

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Decarbonizing The Evening Peak

Creating new business models to meet grid needs with clean energy technologies

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Decarbonizing Minnesota’s Natural Gas End Uses

Supporting the growth of electrification use cases in Minnesota

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DERs for Wildfire Resilience

Employing DERs to provide greater resilience in fire-prone regions

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Duke Energy Clean Cities Initiative

Connecting Communities with Clean Energy

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Energy Shift Pilot Project

Meeting neighborhood heating and cooling needs with renewable energy

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Equitable Electrification in Sacramento

Transitioning low- and moderate-income customers to electric space heating, water heating, and cooking

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Financial Tools Supporting Coal to Clean in Wisconsin

Advancing the coal-to-clean transition in Wisconsin

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Great River Energy Comprehensive Planning

Integrating demand-side innovation into resource planning needs

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GridMod Squad

Developing a framework to properly value DER deployment to speed decarbonization and strengthen resilience

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Promoting Texas Non-Wires Solutions

Matching non-wires solutions with grid needs in Texas

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Rhode Island’s Building Electrification Strategic Transformation

Driving the deployment of heat pumps in the Ocean State

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Solar and Storage for Disadvantaged Communities

Expanding access to solar plus storage technologies to disadvantaged communities

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  • Janet Gail Besser, Managing Director, SEPA
  • Peter Bronski, Founder & CEO, Inflection Point Agency
  • John Burnett, Deputy General Counsel, Duke Energy
  • Allison Clements, Program Director, Energy Foundation
  • Angelina  Galiteva, Founder and Board Chair, Renewables 100 Policy Institute
  • Sandy Grace, VP Policy Development EU, Exelon
  • Rachel Huang, Director, Energy Strategy, Research & Development, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • Betony Jones, Principal, Inclusive Economics
  • Lorenzo Kristov, Principal, Electric System Policy
  • Heidi Leslie, VP Corp Strategy Implementation, Emera Inc.
  • Carl Linvill, Principal, Regulatory Assistance Project
  • Tom Starrs, VP, Market Strategy and Policy, SunPower Corp
  • Eleanor Stein, Professor, SUNY Albany

In addition to faculty, experienced facilitators from Rocky Mountain Institute and Reos Partners are assigned to each team to lead project discussions.