eLab Accelerator Teams 2016

2016 TEAMS

From April 24 to 27, 2016, twelve teams convened at Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah. Accelerator 2016 brought together projects focused on the following themes:

  • New Business Models: Projects exploring new utility business models, market structures, and regulatory efforts focused on maximizing the value of distributed energy resources (DERs)
  • Energy Innovation Districts: Projects demonstrating or piloting innovative local DER solutions such as microgrids, downtown clean energy zones, net-zero districts, and others
  • Rate Design and DER Value Creation: Projects tackling new rate designs, compensation mechanisms, deployment strategies, and engagement programs focused on DER value creation

Further information on teams that attended Accelerator 2016 can be found by following the links below.

Air Force Energy Assurance

Created a foundational plan for electrical power at a competitive price point that provides a reliability rate approaching 100% for critical mission areas.—2016

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Berkeley Microgrid Resiliency Project

Developed a multi-technology, multi-facility, microgrid pilot to improve access to clean energy in an urban context and support community resilience.—2016

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Drive EverGreen

Expanded the use of electric vehicles, including among low-income and minority drivers, with a managed network of charging infrastructure that supports grid balancing of renewable energy.—2016

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EVs as a Sustainable Grid Solution

Evaluated options for a long-term vision, strategy, and business plan for incorporating electric vehicles into utility business models.—2016

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Electrifying New York City Transportation

Aimed to develop an electrification strategy for local transportation that would result in a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.—2016

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Energy Innovation Asheville

Developed a foundation and framework to meet Asheville's growing energy needs through innovative, cost-effective and reliable energy solutions.—2016

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Eugene Grid Resiliency

Aligned infrastructure investments to create community value and enhance grid resiliency.—2016

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M&V 2.0

Instigated a coordinated industry approach to enable IDSM building efficiency markets through improved valuation of efficiency resources realized by real-time analytics of AMI utility data. —2016

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Minnesota e21 Initiative

Enabled Minnesota to adapt to rapid technology change at the distribution edge. —2016

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Oregon Path to Solar+Storage

Developed a pilot program for deploying solar+storage at several sites in Oregon to identify the benefits, challenges, and solutions to those challenges for customers and utilities.—2016

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Power the Tower

Transformed Fresno’s Tower District into a leading clean energy hub and thriving business corridor.—2016

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Microgrid Program Planning

Created a successful and cost-effective state-directed program to foster microgrid development, critical facility energy assurance and resilience for communities and public agencies in RI. —2016

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Zibi - Ottawa's Zero Carbon Community

Developed the business model for the district utility including the asset ownership, rate structures, investment strategy, and operations plan.—2016

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