solar panels with tropical forest and trees behind


Hurricane Maria aftermath in Puerto Rico.

Bringing Reliable, Renewable Energy to the People

The Puerto Rico Community Energy Resilience Initiative shows that a community-driven process combined with flexible capital and technical assistance is the most effective way to serve the underserved.

Keeping the Lights on during Hurricanes

As Hurricane Grace and Tropical Storm Henri cause destruction up and down the Atlantic, people living on islands and coastal territories must prepare for an above average hurricane season. In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted that we could see up to ten hurricanes in the…

Solar under Storm

As the intensity and frequency of hurricanes and typhoons increase, islands—which contribute little to climate change—are suffering disproportionate damage to their energy infrastructure and economies, and thus their people’s health and wellbeing. The COVID-19 pandemic has only served to exacerbate this disparity as island economies suffer greatly from the lack…

American flag hung in front of a house destroyed by Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico: For Real Resilience, Go Renewable

Puerto Ricans are facing new and ongoing threats to health, safety, and the economy, including those that stem from the spread of COVID-19. The deadly global pandemic has brought widespread economic disruption, all while the medical system continues to recover from recent shocks. Many in Puerto Rico lack homes or…

A Greener Caribbean is Possible with Resilient Distributed Energy

Historically, Caribbean electricity systems have heavily relied on imported, dirty fossil fuels burned at a central plant. In recent years, Caribbean leaders have spearheaded a transition to distributed local resources that are connected to the electricity grid at various locations. In the process, Caribbean islands are leaders in the global…