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Puerto Rico: For Real Resilience, Go Renewable

Puerto Ricans are facing new and ongoing threats to health, safety, and the economy, including those that stem from the spread of COVID-19. The deadly global pandemic has brought widespread economic disruption, all while the medical system continues to recover from recent shocks. Many in Puerto Rico lack homes or…

sunset with construction workers

Stimulus, Clean Energy, and Changing the Status Quo

The status quo no longer works—for health, for equity, or for climate. In just three months, we lost over 100,000 Americans to COVID-19. Over 40 million Americans have lost their jobs, putting the US unemployment rate at levels not seen since World War II. We must forge a positive direction…

Five Tips for Virtual Meetings

Today is my 50-something day cooped up in my Brooklyn apartment. The blur of days has been punctuated with the familiar sounds of: “sorry, you are on mute” and “you froze for a second, can you repeat what you were saying?” Like many, I have had to innovate new ways…