General Energy

The Backbone of the Information Economy

The importance of electricity in our modern world cannot be overstated. Electricity not only animates the storehouses of human knowledge, it also enables communications and control, and delivers energy precisely to billions of devices that drive our economy—from the stock market to hospitals. Yet, as crucial and ubiquitous as it has already become, electricity is poised for a profound leap in importance. This clean, precise, and flexible energy carrier can help us conquer one of the most important challenges of our time: drastically reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Our Reinventing Fire Commitment: One Year Later

Each year, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting gathers heads of state, business leaders, and nonprofit directors from around the world to share their commitments to action—a concrete plan to address an urgent global issue. In concept, these commitments can help organizations develop the partnerships needed to get these ideas off the ground. So far, they are off to a good start: Since 2005, CGI members have made nearly 2,000 commitments which have improved the lives of nearly 300 million people in more than 180 countries.

Green Jobs: Boom, or Bust?

Everyone’s talking about jobs these days, from President Obama to the Republicans competing to take his. Green jobs in particular have dominated recent news coverage with many of the headlines featuring a common theme: A bust.

What’s Lighting Up the Web: Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber may not yet be a household term, but it is certainly present in many of our lives. Chances are your bicycle or tennis racket contains a composite made up of thousands of thin strands of this extremely light and durable material. Eventually our vehicles may contain greater quantities of carbon fiber as well.

Ten Surprising Facts About Our Energy Landscape

Today, America relies on oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear to power our country. But, our aging infrastructure demands refurbishment to meet 21st century needs. By Reinventing Fire, efficiency and renewables can end our addiction to fossil fuels, create the core industries of the new energy era, generate $5 trillion in new economic value, and enhance resilience and security. The best news: businesses who are ready to lead this transition can become more profitable and resilient.