Residential Buildings

aerial view of solar panels on houses

Bringing Clean Energy Home

Household energy decisions can help meet US climate targets by accelerating renewable deployment and reducing emissions from buildings and vehicles.

The Economics of Zero-Energy Homes

NEW: Cold Climates Addendum offers additional guidance for ZE and ZER homes built in climate zones 6 and 7. This report demonstrates that the cost increase to build a zero-energy or zero-energy ready home is modest—far less than consumers, builders, and policymakers realize—and highlights methods builders and policymakers can use…

Energy Savings from Window Shades

Windows are a primary contributor to heating and cooling loads in U.S. residences, due to conductive heat loss in the heating season and unwanted conductive and solar heat gain in the cooling season. Insulating window shades, can reduce window heat transfer, and if used effectively, reduce unwanted solar heat gain…