Join RMI at VERGE Cities 2.0

"Amsterdam"Across the U.S., progress at the city level to a fossil fuel free U.S. economy shows how the dynamic relationship between local leaders in business, government, and civil society are playing out.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Retrofit Chicago program, and the comprehensive sustainability program in Indianapolis are two great examples.

On a global level, the EV City Casebook shows how innovative city-led programs and initiatives have helped 16 cities around the world capture 30 percent of the global EV market.

“The industries that will dominate this century are being shaped right now,” said RMI Chief Scientist Amory Lovins last year at the release of Reinventing Fire. “The solutions are right in front of us, and business—our most dynamic institution—in co-evolution with civil society, is the most well equipped to bring these solutions to scale.” (Watch Lovins’ recent TED Talk on “A 40-Year Plan for Energy.)

Want to learn more about how change is happening on a local level? GreenBiz’s upcoming VERGE Virtual Conference will focus on the powerful role of cities as innovations in energy, information, buildings, and transportation collide—and the unprecedented opportunities for business to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

On Tuesday, July 18 at 8:30 a.m. PDT, join VERGE Cities 2.0 where technology, environmental, policy, and planning leaders (including RMI’s Ben Holland, manager of Project Get Ready) will discuss the coming wave of smart, sustainable cities.

Three hour-long sessions will address:

  • Leveraging City Investments in Technologies—Financial incentives to connect transportation systems, broadband communications, building systems, and public safety infrastructure.
  • Building Partnerships & EV Readiness—Strategies to connect building owners, planners and developers, and service providers in the integration and adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Optimizing City Services with Data & IT—Making city data actionable through integrated management platforms, information architecture, and mobile applications.

Learn more about this free event, view the conference agenda, and register here.

Can’t make it in person? Follow the event on Twitter using #VERGECon


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