Creating the World We Want…Together

Creating a safer, cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous world is hard work.

Over the past three decades, RMI has come up against many barriers. But by partnering with visionary supporters who see the crucial need to design and speed the shift to a clean energy future, we can bust through those barriers to drive change.

Our 30th anniversary is this year, and we’re taking stock of our accomplishments. We’ve created an interactive graphic to show RMI’s Universe of Impact. Much more work must be done, but we want our supporters to see how their investment in RMI has changed the world.

Real change, the kind we see in our daily lives, is how we are going to get to our shared vision of a world thriving, verdant, and secure, for all, forever.

Recently, we asked supporters and RMI staff to share with us some of the encouraging signs they see that we are moving toward a world sustained by the power of efficiency and renewables.

We got a lot of inspiring answers. Here are a few:

“Accelerating uptake of renewables and some governments starting to really act on efficiency and renewables.”—Garick Lee, RMI Supporter

“I see more and more small businesses choosing to work in a sustainable manner. More people in my community are doing the right thing and recycling and conserving energy.”—Mark Williams, RMI Supporter

“Senior executives, even politically conservative senior execs, are thinking about and talking about our energy future. Most believe what they’ve heard and that natural gas will be the answer, but through thoughtful dialogue, they realize there are big challenges with continued reliance on a single and non-renewable fuel source for huge swaths of the economy. Dialogue leads to awareness, which leads to understanding.”—Ned Harvey, COO of RMI

We are humbled and energized by the amount of support we get to do our work. RMI is committed to ushering in the new energy era. With your ideas, your determination, and your courage, we can continue to change the world!