Ting Li

Ting Li

Chief Representative and Managing Director of RMI China
  • China Program

Dr. Li is the co-founder of RMI’s Beijing office and acts as its chief representative and managing director. She leads a team which conducts key research, explores effective market-based solutions, and promotes on-the-ground demonstrations in major energy transition areas such as power, industry, building, transportation, and rural decarbonization.

She initiated influential synthetic work plans with innovative initiatives such as regional zero carbon coalition and pioneering, urban peaking, SOE change leadership and 500 Fortune Company Zero-carbon Forum, whole value chain and demand side catalytic, consumers and individuals behavior change, market mechanism scaling up, Climate Young Leadership, clean climate technology investment and transition finance etc., all aiming at enhancing systematic and equitable power and energy transition in China and beyond.


Dr. Li Ting has considerable experience in research and practices in the areas of international sustainable development, climate change, and environmental economics. She was in the public service for a decade and was responsible for the formulation and negotiation of UN multilateral treaties on topics of environment, marine, and climate change. Dr. Li is also a leading expert on energy and environmental policy evolvements and progress in China.


Dr. Li obtained a LLM degree from Renmin University of China, a Master Degree of International Law and Politics from Tufts University, and Ph.D. in Environmental Economics, China Academy of Science.


Beijing, China