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Ting Li

Regional Managing Director
  • China Program

Dr. Li Ting has considerable experiences in research and practices in the area of international sustainable development and environmental economics. She has served in the Department of Treaty and Law of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the PRC, participated in and been responsible for the formulation and negotiation of UN multilateral treaties on Environment, Marine and Sustainable Development, and deeply involved in China’s international negotiations on climate change, as well as energy and environmental policy making processes.

After joining Rocky Mountain Institute, she has been in charge of areas including energy transition path, green city, building efficiency, smart transportation, renewable energy and integrated energy services, as well as clean technology investment and financing, leading the team to track comprehensive international energy transitions to provide policy advices and technical solutions for China’s energy transition and low-carbon development, and facilitating the planning and implementation of several energy and low-carbon projects. Dr. Li Ting is a member of the expert databases of the Asian Bank and the World Bank, and has participated in a number of research projects of relevant international organizations.


MA, Tufts University

Ph.D, Environmental Economics, China Academy of Science

LLM, Remin University of China


Beijing, China


Rapid Global Energy Transition and China’s Leading Role
Low-carbon City Development: US-China Dialogue
Low-carbon City Development: City Actions and Progress after US-China Climate Leaders Summit

Authored Works

The Coronavirus and Lessons Learned from RMI’s China Office

One of RMI’s six offices is located in Beijing, China. As China’s coronavirus curve flattens, RMI is in a unique position to learn lessons from our passionate, committed Chinese colleagues. This letter from Ting Li, the managing director of RMI’s Beijing office, describes her team’s perspective. _______________________…