Webinar – Local Strategies to Curb Waste Sector Methane Emissions & Benefit Communities

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About This Event

Local governments play a pivotal role in waste management. From food recovery and composting programs to stronger landfill methane controls, there are exciting opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while delivering local benefits. In this webinar, representatives from across the United States share key strategies and lessons learned as they work to reduce methane pollution in their communities. The webinar highlights resources and funding opportunities to support local governments with opportunity for live Q&A.

In this webinar:

  • Gina McCarthy, former U.S. EPA Administrator & first-ever White House National Climate Advisor, shares opening remarks.
  • RMI’s Tom Frankiewicz provides an overview of the sources of methane from solid waste and the win-win strategies to avoid & capture emissions.
  • Four panelists from local governments, including Aryeh Alex (City of Columbus), Michael Martinez (LACompost), Roxanne Wienkes (Dane County Department of Waste & Renewables), and Tom Koutroulis (OC Waste & Recycling), share lessons learned as they advance sustainable waste management programs in their communities.
  • The U.S. EPA’s Claudia Fabiano & Klara Zimmerman share key tools & funding opportunities that can support additional local efforts to address methane.


Industry | March 4, 2024

The Waste Methane Assessment Platform

The Waste Methane Assessment Platform (WasteMAP) provides data and resources including landscape assessments, technical assistance memos, and strategy playbooks that are custom-tailored for specific regions to help waste management officials, municipalities, policy makers, and other key decision makers reduce methane emissions from landfills and dumpsites.

POWERPOINT: Local Strategies to Curb Waste Sector Methane Emissions & Benefit Communities

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