Tom Frankiewicz

Tom Frankiewicz

  • Climate-Aligned Industries

Tom Frankiewicz is a subject matter expert on waste sector methane in RMI’s Climate-Aligned Industries Program. He leads RMI’s work on methane emissions mitigation in waste management and coordinates the organization’s work with the Global Methane Hub.


Before joining RMI, Tom worked in the Climate Change division of the US Environmental Protection Agency for over 16 years. He led the agency’s work on waste management and climate change, spearheading technical cooperation with national and municipal governments around the world to mitigate superpollutants such as methane and black carbon from solid municipal waste, wastewater, and agricultural waste.

In addition to coordinating work with climate partnerships such as the Climate & Clean Air Coalition and the Global Methane Initiative, Tom’s work took him to China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Serbia, among other countries, where he designed and launched waste management initiatives to reduce methane emissions.

In 2017, he served as an embassy science fellow at the US Embassy in Beijing, where he advised US diplomats on issues related to climate, waste, and air pollution, and launched a project with the Chinese government to incorporate waste and wastewater best practices into its Low-Carbon Cities Program.

Tom is a member of the advisory board of the Solid Waste Institute for Sustainability and has authored numerous publications on landfill gas use and mitigation. He contributed to the International Energy Agency’s 2020 World Energy Outlook on biogas and biomethane.


MBA, George Washington University School of Business (concentration in environmental and strategic management)
Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Management, School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University Bloomington