Webinar – States in Sync: The Western Win-Win Transmission Opportunity

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Today, Western states have the chance to make transformative investments that will unlock incredible economic opportunities enabled by new energy. However, to seize this opportunity, states will need to collaborate to expand the region’s electricity transmission system. In doing so, traditional energy export states will gain access to future investments in a new energy market as large as $45 billion per year, while states with clean energy goals will unlock significant cost savings on the necessary investments to meet those goals.  

Join RMI for a webinar exploring the economic opportunity that an expanded transmission system presents for Western states and how state actors can work together to plan this system.  


Charles Teplin

Principal, Carbon-Free Electricity

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Tyler Farrell

Senior Associate, Carbon-Free Electricity

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Liza Martin

Program Marketing Specialist, Communications

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Electricity | April 17, 2024

States in Sync

Western states must collaborate to expand the region’s electricity transmission system and unlock incredible economic opportunities.

POWERPOINT: States in Sync

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