Webinar – Driving Scale and Sustainability in the SAF Market: Results from SABA’s Multi-Year RFP

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About This Event

The Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance (SABA) recently announced a historic set of transactions for Sustainable Aviation Fuel certificates (SAFc), involving close to 20 business travelers, three airlines, and four fuel producers. Companies participating in these deals have committed to purchase close to $200 million worth of SAFc, equivalent to about 50 million gallons of high-integrity SAF, resulting in around half a million tons of abated CO2e.

The SABA RFP brought together a range of market actors to execute SAF deals that featured varying term lengths, structures, and fuel types. Despite the variation, three key themes emerged from this process:

  1. The power of demand aggregation.
  2. The importance of long-term contracts.
  3. The progress being made on advanced fuel technologies.

In this webinar, a diverse group of participants in the SABA RFP, including corporate customers Novo Nordisk and Watershed, SAF providers World Energy and Twelve, and Alaska Airlines, will expand on these themes from the perspective of the deals they struck and their roles in the SABA RFP.


Andrew Chen

Aviation Sector, Rocky Mountain Institute (Host)

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Andre de Fontaine

Andre de Fontaine

Senior Director, Neoteric Energy and Climate (Host)

Courtney Unruh

Courtney Unruh

SAF & Sustainability Engagement Director, Alaska Air

Dorethe Nielsen

Dorethe Nielsen

VP, Corporate Environmental Strategy, Novo Nordisk

Ashwin Jadhav

Ashwin Jadhav

VP, Business Development, Twelve

Claire Kiely

Claire Kiely

Head of Marketplace Carbon Supply, Watershed

Adam Klauber

Adam Klauber

VP, Sustainability, World Energy


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POWERPOINT: Driving Scale and Sustainability in the SAF Market: Results from SABA's Multi-Year RFP

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