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Authored Works

Report Release: The Economics of Battery Energy Storage

Battery-based energy storage is a powerful resource capable of reducing grid costs and customer bills, increasing the resilience of the grid, and supporting a largely renewable electricity system. And even though the economics of storage look good today, they’re only going to get better.


Out of the Death Spiral and Into the Black

In an era of declining sales and explosive growth of distributed energy resources (DERs), utilities should look to other industries—from transportation to hospitality to apps to music—to figure out what a platform-based future looks like.


Report Release: The Economics of Demand Flexibility

In the context of the U.S. electricity system’s evolution, Demand Flexibility represents a huge, cost-effective resource option for customers, utilities, and third-party innovators alike to reduce costs and create value.


Why Tankless Water Heaters Might Not Hold Water

For the 4.6 million American households with electricity rates that vary by time of day, a tankless electric heater could actually increase operating costs if the hot water is used during peak price times.


How to Calculate and Present Deep Retrofit Value (Executive Summary)

Energy efficiency building retrofits in the United States and around the world are attractive investments, but receive far less attention and capital than they deserve. This is in part due to a narrow definition of their value, typically focused on energy cost savings alone, and in part due to confusion…