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Corporations Set Renewable Energy Record, Surpass 2 GW in 2015

Today, more than 160 corporate executives are gathering at Bloomberg's New York City headquarters for a meeting of Rocky Mountain Institute's Business Renewables Center (BRC). The over-capacity, invitation-only event is the latest proof point of corporations' fast-growing interest in purchasing large amounts of renewable energy.

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The Renewable Energy Market is Evolving. Here’s How.

Corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) are being talked about everywhere. Today, corporate and institutional (C&I) end users have unparalleled access to bilateral agreements directly with utility-scale renewable energy facilities—greening their energy portfolio and creating financial benefits. How did we get here?

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Giving Low-Income Families Access to Clean Energy and Efficiency

In June, RMI—along with its partner organizations—launched eLab Leap in New York to identify the unmet needs and create solutions that empower and improve the lives of low-income communities and households in a clean energy future. Forty diverse groups joined eLab Leap’s first meeting including low-income and consumer advocates, environmental…

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Report Release: The Economics of Battery Energy Storage

Battery-based energy storage is a powerful resource capable of reducing grid costs and customer bills, increasing the resilience of the grid, and supporting a largely renewable electricity system. And even though the economics of storage look good today, they’re only going to get better.

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Out of the Death Spiral and Into the Black

In an era of declining sales and explosive growth of distributed energy resources (DERs), utilities should look to other industries—from transportation to hospitality to apps to music—to figure out what a platform-based future looks like.