Rocky Mountain Institute

Authored Works

Accelerating Campus Climate Initiatives: Breaking Through Barriers

Accelerating Campus Climate Initiatives: Breaking Through Barriers is a practical guide for anyone working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a college or university: sustainability directors, CFOs, presidents, students, faculty, and staff. Venturing beyond an individual project or best practice, the book explores a wide range of challenges these committed…


Profitable GHG Reduction Through Fuel Economy

This presentation outlines practical ways that Class-8 truck fleets can realize significant fuel savings and increased profits through efficiency techniques. Focusing on components that save fuel and providing case studies that have capitalized on these opportunities, RMI’s researchers demonstrate how a 25% fuel economy improvement is possible using existing technologies…


Advancing the Regeneration of the Cuyahoga Valley

This report describes the Cuyahoga Regeneration Project, a community effort focused on several projects that simultaneously restore natural systems and strengthen economic development along the Cuyahoga River ship channel. The report contends that environmental restoration is no longer an option for American cities; it’s an imperative. Though many people regard…


Design and Manufacture of an Affordable Advanced-Composite Automotive Body Structure

Reducing vehicle weight is critical to improving fuel economy and addressing range, performance, size, and cost challenges associated with fuel-cell and hybrid propulsion systems. This paper describes the design, fabrication, and assembly approach used for the carbon-fiber composite body structure in Hypercar, Inc.’s Revolution concept vehicle. The Revolution’s 187-kg body…


Green Pays Its Way—Performance-Based Fees

This article explains how giving building and design professionals a financial incentive to create energy-efficient schools can be a winning strategy for both the firms that design and build schools and the students who learn in them. Performance-based fees offer benefits for the building owner, the architect and engineer, the…


La Pine Community Design Charrette

This presentation provides an example of one community that used an RMI Charrette to design a town center, a pedestrian-friendly highway, and the location of future public facilities. A community design charrette brings the wisdom and experience of local residents together with the technical expertise of outsiders to solve local…


Paying for Growth, Prospering from Development

This paper addresses the difference between growth and development, the reasons communities seek growth, the ways in which local governments unwittingly worsen growth problems in their attempts to solve them, and how communities can develop viable local economies without growth. Residents of many growing towns and cities are learning the…


Ultralight Hybrid Vehicles: Principles and Design

The technical feasibility of superefficient family cars has been demonstrated. Yet it has typically compromised vehicle performance, safety, cost, manufacturability, or marketability. Industry experimentation has tended to focus on improving performance, on implementing hybrid-electric drive systems in essentially conventional vehicles, on reducing mass and drag, or on improving safety—but has…


NMB Bank Headquarters: The Impressive Performance of a Green Building

This paper describes the development, design, and construction of an early green building, the NMB Bank Headquarters in Amsterdam. The integrated project team worked across disciplines to design the building. The team included architects, construction engineers, landscape architects, energy engineers, and artists. This paper details the green characteristics of the…