Rocky Mountain Institute

Authored Works

NMB Bank Headquarters: The Impressive Performance of a Green Building

This paper describes the development, design, and construction of an early green building, the NMB Bank Headquarters in Amsterdam. The integrated project team worked across disciplines to design the building. The team included architects, construction engineers, landscape architects, energy engineers, and artists. This paper details the green characteristics of the…


Why America Beat Iraq but Loses to Japan

This paper compares superiority of the Japanese over the U.S. in competitive business strategy to the U.S. win over Iraq in the first Gulf War. The author argues that America won the military war against Iraq for the same reason the Japanese are winning the high-technology trade war against the…


Brittle Power

Brittle Power: Energy Strategy for National Security, prepared for the Pentagon in 1981, was the first and remains the definitive unclassified treatise on the vulnerability of energy critical infrastructure. It also synthesizes from engineering and biology how to redesign energy systems to be resilient, so that major failures, now inevitable,…


Tell the Truth

In 1975, the Atomic Industrial Forum invited David Comey of Friends of the Earth, a foe of nuclear power, to tell the nuclear industry how it could be more credible to the public. Comey gave them the obvious answer—to become credible you must tell the truth. The complete text of…