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Elevating the Priority of Resilience in our New Climate Reality

Many states and cities—and many utilities—are reexamining their capacity to withstand uncertainties, emergencies, and attacks of various kinds. Although governments and utilities have long developed and deployed emergency response protocols, new conditions are making new demands to increase resilience.

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Akamai’s Network to Be Powered by the Sun and Wind

Akamai’s purpose is to propel our customers faster forward by making the Internet business-ready: fast, reliable, and secure. And now, also green and clean. Today we are committing, by 2020, to reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions below 2015 levels by sourcing renewable energy for 50 percent of our network operations.

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Top 5 Steps to Redefining Thermal Comfort

When the story broke that RMI’s 15,610 square foot innovative new office building and convening center in Basalt, Colorado, has no traditional central heating and cooling system in spite of being located in the coldest climate zone in the continental U.S., we definitely raised some eyebrows. How would occupants stay…

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Water Heaters: As Sexy as a Tesla?

This article was written by Margaret McCall, a former Senior Associate at RMI. Of all the new tech emerging on the energy landscape, water heaters seem an unlikely contender. Alongside battery players like Tesla, with its Model X and Powerwall, water heaters look like even more of a…

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Corporations Set Renewable Energy Record, Surpass 2 GW in 2015

Today, more than 160 corporate executives are gathering at Bloomberg's New York City headquarters for a meeting of Rocky Mountain Institute's Business Renewables Center (BRC). The over-capacity, invitation-only event is the latest proof point of corporations' fast-growing interest in purchasing large amounts of renewable energy.