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Are Residential Demand Charges The Next Big Thing in Electricity Rate Design?

Guest author Matt Lehrman is an RMI alum. Demand charges for commercial and industrial customers have long been a part of the electric industry. Since utilities need to build infrastructure to meet both instantaneous and long-term requirements, the utility bill contains both an energy charge, which measures the amount of…


In Pursuit of Climate Neutrality at Arizona State University

Guest author Elaine Gallagher Adams, AIA, is a former RMI Manager I believe Arizona State University (ASU) is the most radical campus in the U.S. It is also the largest. So why is it radical, and how does size factor? ASU president, Dr. Michael Crow, has committed ASU to campus climate…


Missing a Mining Opportunity

Guest author Matthew Cullinen is a Carbon War Room alum. My parents still use America Online (AOL) and they’re not alone. Though many have made the switch to “modern” services like Gmail, others have steadfastly clung to comfortable, old, “easy” ways of doing things. That same dynamic is before…


Robots Don’t Drink and Drive

Guest author Karen Crofton is an RMI alum. A staggering two out of every three Americans will be involved in an accident related to drunk driving in their lifetime. And with the near ubiquity of mobile phones, texting while driving has become a new, deadly problem on our roads.


Google Hangout: Next-Generation Energy Management In Practice

Watch a google hangout on the importance of pursuing energy efficiency before renewable energy generation or offsets, investing in “smart” building management, adopting strategies for health and productivity, supporting workplace mobility and density, enabling a holistic and value-based investment approach, and allocating investments across portfolios.


An Airbnb or Uber for the Electricity Grid?

Guest author Matthew Crosby is an RMI alum. As Thomas Friedman reported in the New York Times, the shared economy is booming, with companies like Uber and Airbnb continuing to disrupt the incumbent taxi service and hotel sectors. The Ubers and Airbnbs of the world tap the…


Pulling Back the Veil on EV Charging Station Costs

Guest author Ben Holland is an RMI alum. Electric vehicles seem to have finally gained a solid foothold. With continued adoption, there will be an increasing need for access to charging locations. We recognize that many drivers today do most of their charging at home, but many others still require…