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Accelerating Sustainable Business Leadership

By Hans Reus When helping companies appoint senior leaders, my colleagues and I have noted an area in which most organizations can improve substantially. Sustainability qualifications aren’t given the importance they should have in the selection of senior business leaders, in comparison with digital expertise and…

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Transforming Business Leaders Into Clean Energy Experts

Guest author Richard Profit is a senior manager at PepsiCo Global Operations Sustainability. Corporate buyers gathered in the heart of ski country in Aspen, Colorado, this past February for the second Buyer’s Bootcamp organized by the Business Renewables Center (BRC). The two-and-a half-day bootcamp was an intense course in…

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What’s Driving the Cost of Residential Solar-Plus-Storage Systems?

Guest author Kristen Ardani is a solar program lead for Solar Soft Costs and Tech to Market at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).   The residential solar-plus-storage market has certainly received a lot of attention in recent months. With the release of new, lower-cost products and implementation of utility time-of-use…

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Five Reasons Your Company Should Buy Off-site Renewables in 2017

Guest author Scott Macmurdo is a sustainability specialist with NRG Energy, which is a founding sponsor of the Business Renewables Center.  Guest author Patrick Molloy is a financial analyst at the Business Renewables Center. Corporate interest in renewable energy is skyrocketing as companies realize that off-site projects can offer the flexibility…

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Getting to Zero in Menlo Park

Guest author Diane Bailey is an environmental advocate, scientist, and the executive director of Menlo Spark. What happens when a small Silicon Valley city flanked by Stanford University and Facebook headquarters sets its sights on a climate-neutral future? A zero carbon pathway and a fresh approach to the built environment…

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Data Interoperability Enables Mobility as a Service

Guest author Jackson Crane is an RMI alum. Download the report, Collaborating Toward Data Interoperability for Mobility Transformation here. Imagine a scenario in which people can travel via a wide variety of mobility options that seamlessly get them where they want, when they want, how…

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Combating Climate Change by Measuring Carbon Emissions Correctly

Guest Author Gavin McCormick is co-founder and executive director of WattTime. Carbon emissions are arguably the most important thing for our society to learn how to manage in the coming years. The largest single source of U.S. carbon emissions is our electricity system. And yet, we do not measure emissions…

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To Get to Net Zero, Think Bigger

Guest author Allison Hibbs was a summer associate at RMI. The World Green Building Council (WGBC) just launched a revolutionary project calling for all buildings to reach net zero by 2050 in an action plan known as Advancing Net Zero. The announcement provides a shot in…

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Looking for a Breakthrough in Cement and Concrete

Guest author Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson is an RMI Senior Fellow. The toughest climate challenges involve large global industries, with no good substitutes. One of these literally produces the material under our feet—concrete. Every year, each of us in the U.S. uses about one-third of a ton. Fast-growing developing countries use…