Hand holding light bulb against nature on green leaf with icons energy sources for renewable, sustainable development

CERAWeek 2024

  • Mon, March 18
  • In-person
  • Houston, TX

About This Event

CERAWeek is a top annual energy conference hosted by S&P Global in Houston, Texas, convening the world’s leading energy experts March 18–22. RMI CEO Jon Creyts and industry experts Bryan Fisher and TJ Conway will speak about COP28, low carbon hubs, and methane analytics in CERAWeek’s Innovation Agora program.


Bryan Fisher

Managing Director, Climate-Aligned Industries

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TJ Conway

Principal, Climate Intelligence

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General | March 3, 2023

RMI’s Approach to Fossil Fuels

RMI is working to immediately reduce greenhouse gas pollution across the entire life cycle of fossil fuels, even as we simultaneously scale the global market for clean energy solutions.

Climate Data | January 5, 2024


Methane is our low-hanging fruit for major climate wins in this decisive decade.