Methane is our low-hanging fruit for major climate wins in this decisive decade. It’s over 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a twenty-year period, originates from few, readily identifiable sources, and represents one of our greatest opportunities to cut warming in the short term while we tackle more complex decarbonization challenges in the global economy.

RMI is working with a partner network of satellite and sensor operators to make methane emissions from the oil and gas and waste sectors visible in near real-time, and to use that visibility to define specific policies, industry operator actions, and market incentives to slash this super-potent greenhouse gas as one of the most attainable, cost-effective climate wins this decade.

Our Work
RMI is focused on cutting methane emissions from two key sectors: the oil and gas industry, and waste management. Combined, these sectors account for nearly half of global methane emissions and align with RMI’s expertise in leveraging industry intelligence, policy, and market incentives to strategically cut climate pollution across supply chains.
Emissions Visibility Tools
RMI has transformed raw data from methane detection satellites and sensors into interactive analytical tools that allow users to understand precisely where emissions are coming from in oil and gas industry operations and waste management practices. That level of transparency enables more targeted policy, industry strategies, and capital investment to mitigate methane emissions in line with a safer climate future.