Emissions Reporting Across
Heavy Industry

Pilot Testing New Emissions Reporting Guidance

The Horizon Zero project at RMI is enhancing emissions transparency and comparability throughout industrial supply chains

Product emissions data is currently collected and shared across supply chains using inconsistent methodologies and incompatible data formats. This leads to inaccurate emissions disclosures and inefficient data transfers from production to the end product. The lack of comparable and transparent product-level data — along with challenges in the effective application of such data — hinders informed business decisions and impedes industry-wide decarbonization efforts.

With the support of industry leaders, the Horizon Zero project has commenced a series of pilot tests to enable consistent emissions calculation and streamlined emissions data transfer at each stage of industrial supply chains. The case studies below examine the benefits and efficacy of sector-specific Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reporting Guidance documents and accompanying Excel tools and data formats that allow for next-generation emissions accounting in hard-to-abate sectors.


The following case studies are the result of a collaborative effort, combining expertise from suppliers, purchasers, and supply chain experts around the globe. All GHG Emissions Reporting Guidance underwent thorough review by Working Group partners and a public consultation to achieve detailed methodologies and an in-depth understanding of sector-specific needs.

Pilot tests applied the Guidance and tools in real-world scenarios, refining the emissions calculation, enhancing data exchange, and exploring ways for the data to drive business actions that contribute to industry decarbonization. Pilots were conducted with leading organizations in multiple end-use cases like construction and transportation in Horizon Zero’s focus sectors: steel, aluminum, sustainable aviation fuel, methane gas, plastics, and renewable energy. This page will continue to be updated with sector-specific case studies as the project progresses.

Please click through to each case study for more information about our corporate partners and pilot outcomes.