RMI’s Guide to Federal Clean Energy Incentives

A great green rush is underway, as companies, governments, and individuals race to cash in on unprecedented incentives and policies that are supercharging the US transition to clean energy.

On this page, learn how to maximize benefits from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), and related federal policies and incentives.

The Opportunity: Unprecedented Federal Investment

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the greatest investment in US economic growth and climate action in our lifetimes. Together with related bills, its benefits will be far-reaching, including nationwide economic stimulus, cleaner air, improved health, new jobs, progress toward climate goals, and more. Across the board, these equity-focused incentives are designed to ensure benefits flow to the communities that need them most. And yet, these incentives’ sheer scale and complexity can slow adoption, raising the risk of missing key deadlines.

To cut through this complexity, in this section, we’ve highlighted the opportunities and how to access them.

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The Key: Effective Implementation

But to maximize the benefits to the economy, health, and climate from these investments, rapid implementation is imperative. It's now up to state and local policymakers, businesses, nonprofits, utilities, and everyday consumers to seize the opportunity and implement the IRA.

In this section, we've assembled more detailed information and guidance to effectively pursue and apply IRA investments across multiple programs, recipients, and sectors.

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The Results: Success Stories

The good news is that many states, cities, businesses, and other stakeholders are already accessing this funding and building out clean energy projects. While federal authorities continue to roll out guidance on funding, projects that were in the pipeline are already benefiting and new projects are seeing their design, development, and deployment speed up.

To document this progress, below, we are collecting case studies and examples of successful IRA implementations.

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