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Peter Bronski

Former Director of Program Marketing and Editorial Director at RMI
Strategic Marketing Eco Solutions Panasonic

Peter Bronski was the Director of Program Marketing and Editorial Director at RMI from 2012 until 2016.

He currently leads marketing and content strategy for three initiatives at the nexus of renewable energy and smart cities: Panasonic CityNOW, the Energy Solutions Group of Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, and Coronal Energy, powered by Panasonic. He previously served as Director of Program Marketing at Rocky Mountain Institute, where he oversaw marketing and communications strategy for the organization’s electricity work. He was also RMI’s Editorial Director.

Bronski is a coauthor on several major reports, including The Economics of Grid Defection, The Economics of Load Defection, The Economics of Demand Flexibility, and Community-Scale Solar, as well as a forthcoming white paper on a Panasonic solar+storage microgrid. With nearly a decade and a half of experience as an award-winning writer, his work has also appeared in more than 100 publications, including Harvard Business Review, Christian Science Monitor, CleanTechnica, National Geographic Traveler, and Men’s Journal.

Earlier in his career, Bronski was the Founding Manager of Audubon International’s Sustainable Communities Program and, prior to that, Staff Ecologist for the organization’s Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program. He was a Lockheed Martin Engineering Scholar and earned a BS in Natural Resources from Cornell University.

Authored Blog Posts

The Importance of Messaging in Clean Energy Innovation

When we talk about innovation—with eLab, in the context of the U.S. electricity system—we’re talking about fundamental change in the system. Ultimately, most forms of motivation needed to transform the electricity system boil down to persuasion: convincing your audience that a change from X to Y is worth it. It’s there, at the core of persuasion, that the issue of audience-centric messaging matters critically.

5 Major Themes Facing Corporate Renewable Energy Purchasing Today

On Tuesday last week, more than 160 executives—many of them from the Fortune 500—came together at Bloomberg's New York City office for the Business Renewables Center's latest semiannual meeting. Several major themes will define the corporate renewable energy purchasing market in the months ahead.

How and Why I Married My EV

When I last wrote about electric vehicles, I focused on range anxiety and why it's a non-issue. However, a commenter argued that such a statistic would likely be skewed because EV drivers would be inclined to report satisfaction based on their purchase choice. Is that really the case?

Enough with the Range Anxiety Already

Ever since I became a very happy Nissan LEAF driver earlier this year, I’ve become acutely aware of this: all this talk about range anxiety being a big issue seems to come largely from and/or survey those who don’t actually drive an EV.

The Opportunity of Time-of-Use Pricing

Imagine if, instead of just my home shifting its AC, my entire community shifted its AC demand to off-peak hours, and what that could mean for the carbon intensity and electricity generation costs of my local grid.

You Down With LCOE? Maybe You, But Not Me

Desirable shifts in how we as a nation consume electricity can actually make LCOE numbers look worse, not better. This is particularly true when considering the influence of energy efficiency.

RMI Outlet’s Best of 2013

On the eve of 2014, we take a look back at RMI Outlet’s most popular blog posts from 2013. From renewables scaling in Europe, to accelerating solar adoption in the United States, to energy efficiency and electric vehicle developments, there was much to talk about.

Sandy One Year Later

One year ago, Superstorm Sandy made landfall along the coast of New Jersey. This time last October, communities were under water, millions of East Coasters were without power, and the New York-New Jersey region weathered one of the toughest weather-related crises in anyone’s memory.

A Self-Imposed Exile

If there was a silver lining, it was that the 1973 oil embargo prompted the U.S. to make real strides toward energy efficiency.

According to AAA, an estimated 5.6 million Americans took to the skies this past year-end holiday season, defined as the 12-day period lasting December 22 through January 1. But unless you were flying into or out of a major hub, you probably weren’t rejoicing that you had a…

Is a High Renewables Future Really Possible? (Part 2)

The futures studies are not a guarantee of what will happen. They’re various visions of what could happen. But increasingly, these possible futures are shifting from the hypothetical to the real. Around the world, economies are shifting to ones grounded in high penetrations of renewables.

Is a High Renewables Future Really Possible? (Part 1)

In recent weeks and months, there’s been much to celebrate about renewable energy and the electricity system. But amidst the celebratory fanfare there’s also been an undercurrent of skepticism—skepticism that a high renewables future could be here soon, or is even possible at all.

Going the Distance: Range Anxiety Overlooks EVs’ Sweet Spot

There’s a famous clip from the sitcom Seinfeld, where Kramer takes a car out for a test drive and—with a nervous but eventually supportive salesman in the passenger seat—sees just how far he can drive with the needle dipping well below “E” on the fuel gauge.

Shedding Light on the Superdome’s Blackout

Whether you watched the game or not, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the third quarter blackout that put a temporary stop to the on-field action and left teams and fans alike in the dark for more than half an hour. Questions still remain about the root cause of the blackout. Meanwhile, speculation about its cause has been rampant in what amounts to a grand teachable moment.

RMI’s Top 10 Blog Posts from 2012

From building codes to solar power, and natural gas to electric cars, RMI Outlet covered a lot of ground in 2012. These were the top 10 most popular blog posts for the year.

Down on Doha?

Today begins week two of the latest U.N. Climate Change Conference, this edition held in Doha, Qatar. Representatives from nearly 200 countries are in attendance at the event, which comes on the heels of a new World Bank report forecasting that a global temperature increase of 4 degrees Celsius...

Have Car, Will Travel: Thanksgiving’s Energy Impact

We’re one day away from Thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel periods of the year. Whether by plane, train, or—for most Americans—automobile, tens of millions of people are about to crisscross the country destined for turkey, stuffing, and a long holiday weekend of quality time spent with loved ones.