Mark Dyson

Mark Dyson

Managing Director
  • Carbon-Free Electricity

Mark is a Managing Director with the Carbon-Free Electricity Program at RMI, where he has worked since 2008. Mark currently leads RMI research and collaboration efforts around electricity grid planning for a 1.5°C-aligned future. At RMI, Mark has led research projects on renewable energy, demand flexibility, and grid resilience, and has advised clients including large utilities, regulatory commissions, oil majors, and cleantech companies on carbon-free energy topics.


Prior to joining RMI, Mark worked at Ascend Analytics, helping deploy grid simulation and financial modeling software for several large energy companies. Mark has also held research positions at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, where he worked on improving regional electricity system planning models, and at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he worked on integrating demand-side resources into electricity markets.


B.S., Computer Science, Carleton College

M.S., Energy & Resources Group, University of California, Berkeley


Boulder, CO