Kelly Vaughn

Director of Donor Communications
  • Development

Kelly is a Program Marketing Director with RMI’s communications team, where she manages communications strategy and campaign implementation for the buildings and development teams.


Kelly was RMI’s senior PR coordinator from 2008–2012 departing to serve as the director of communications for the Town of Snowmass Village. There, she was responsible for overseeing and executing all facets of marketing and communications for the government organization, supporting nine departments, and driving a deeper level of community engagement. She also served as liaison to the town’s environmental advisory board and helped champion significant investments in building efficiency and resource conservation while updating the town’s sustainability plan. Her background includes collegiate soccer recruiting and coaching, and communications consulting for nonprofits. Kelly has extensive experience in marketing and communications strategy, public relations, writing, and internal communications.

  • MA, Communications, University of Dubuque
  • BA, Studio Art, Colorado College

Basalt, CO




“I am proud that the work I do, and the people I work with everyday, are doing something positive for our future. As a mother, I can’t imagine a world where my daughter can’t enjoy the outdoors, or have access to clean air. I am challenged, invigorated, and inspired by RMI’s mission and vision.”



Authored Works
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Zero Net Energy: Behind the Goal

Berkeley, California — At a presentation today by Rocky Mountain Institute at the David Brower Center, it was clear that the momentum behind Zero Net Energy buildings is part policy-driven and part customer-driven.

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$8.3 B: A Big Price Tag For a DOE Dice Roll

Some argue that transitioning to a clean, affordable, and secure electric system should include an “all options on the table” approach, and that all available low-carbon technologies—nuclear, carbon capture and sequestration, natural gas, and renewables—should be pursued simultaneously and with equal rigor. RMI disagrees.

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Amory Lovins’s Farewell to Fossil Fuels

In his landmark Foreign Affairs piece in 1976, probably still that august journal’s most-reprinted article, Amory Lovins describes the two energy choices then facing the nation: The “hard path” and the “soft path.”

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U.S. Can’t Drill its Way to a Better Energy Future

During his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Obama outlined goals to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil. A commitment to efficiency and advancing renewable energy are indeed promising, but any solution to our country’s energy problems—and economic problems, for that matter—that proposes we can drill our way out misses an incredible opportunity.

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Top RMI news of 2011

Amory Lovins is on Twitter! Exciting, yes, but that was not the only news from RMI in 2011.

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From Vision to Reality: Lighter, Stronger Vehicles

Every day, we haul goods, shuttle our kids to school, and jet to meetings and vacations on a foundation of fire. Imagine the drone of combustion replaced by the whisper of emission-free electric propulsion.

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Owning a Piece of a $5T Prize

Last week, Rocky Mountain Institute launched Reinventing Fire at National Geographic’s headquarters in D.C. There, RMI Chief Scientist Amory Lovins introduced an audience of over 200 to a blueprint for a new energy era, and ways business can lead us to a 158% bigger U.S. economy in 2050 powered by efficiency and renewables.