Kelly Vaughn

Director of Donor Communications
  • Development

Kelly is a Program Marketing Director with RMI’s communications team, where she manages communications strategy and campaign implementation for the buildings and development teams.


Kelly was RMI’s senior PR coordinator from 2008–2012 departing to serve as the director of communications for the Town of Snowmass Village. There, she was responsible for overseeing and executing all facets of marketing and communications for the government organization, supporting nine departments, and driving a deeper level of community engagement. She also served as liaison to the town’s environmental advisory board and helped champion significant investments in building efficiency and resource conservation while updating the town’s sustainability plan. Her background includes collegiate soccer recruiting and coaching, and communications consulting for nonprofits. Kelly has extensive experience in marketing and communications strategy, public relations, writing, and internal communications.

  • MA, Communications, University of Dubuque
  • BA, Studio Art, Colorado College

Basalt, CO




“I am proud that the work I do, and the people I work with everyday, are doing something positive for our future. As a mother, I can’t imagine a world where my daughter can’t enjoy the outdoors, or have access to clean air. I am challenged, invigorated, and inspired by RMI’s mission and vision.”



Authored Works
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Tracking the Global Push to Plug-In

The importance of the introduction and scale-up of electric vehicles, and the unique role that urban areas play in making an electric future possible for its citizens, is clear in the 2012 EV City Casebook, launching tomorrow.

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Reinventing Fire: An “Idea Worth Spreading”

With over 500 million views since TED started posting video, TEDTalks have become a powerful cultural force featuring world-changing ideas from the likes of Bill Gates, Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson. Not a bad list! Now RMI Chief Scientist Amory Lovins joins this prestigious group for the second time.

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Going “Beyond the Light Switch”

Earlier this month, Beyond the Light Switch, a two-part, two-hour documentary narrated by Scientific American’s David Biello became available online. The series considers the trade-offs of various proposed energy solutions with great storytelling and a balanced perspective.

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Showcasing all the Big ‘Green’ Apple Has to Offer

Some of the world's brightest minds in sustainability are in New York City during Earth Week to share innovative approaches to reduce our impact on the environment with a focus on energy, the built environment and resource conservation.

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EPA’s Proposed GHG Standards and our Electricity Future

Watch RMI electricity experts James Newcomb and Lena Hansen discuss how the EPA’s new rule might effect the current electricity landscape in the short term, and how this is one of many steps along the road toward a long-term vision for an electricity system.

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The Pursuit of Low Gas Prices is Bad for the U.S.

It's a fallacy that we can drill our way to low gas prices, and trying to do so not only threatens our health, but also wastes our money and misdirects innovation. If we stop focusing on the problem of high gas prices and who’s to blame and start pursuing solutions to the true problem—our oil dependence—we might find we agree more than we think.

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Building a Business (and Culture) Around Sustainability Is An Evolving Process

On March 22, Rocky Mountain Institute solar experts Ned Harvey and Jesse Morris sat down with Matthew Hamilton and Dana Dalla Betta of Aspen Ski Company (SkiCo) to discuss solar and energy efficiency in the Roaring Fork Valley. Three themes emerged on the challenges and opportunities to not just pursue solar, but build a sustainable company.