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Kelly Vaughn

Director of Donor Communications
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Kelly is a Program Marketing Director with RMI’s communications team, where she manages communications strategy and campaign implementation for the buildings and development teams.


Kelly was RMI’s senior PR coordinator from 2008–2012 departing to serve as the director of communications for the Town of Snowmass Village. There, she was responsible for overseeing and executing all facets of marketing and communications for the government organization, supporting nine departments, and driving a deeper level of community engagement. She also served as liaison to the town’s environmental advisory board and helped champion significant investments in building efficiency and resource conservation while updating the town’s sustainability plan. Her background includes collegiate soccer recruiting and coaching, and communications consulting for nonprofits. Kelly has extensive experience in marketing and communications strategy, public relations, writing, and internal communications.


MA, Communications, University of Dubuque

BA, Studio Art, Colorado College


Basalt, CO



Why I Love Working At RMI

“I am proud that the work I do, and the people I work with everyday, are doing something positive for our future. As a mother, I can’t imagine a world where my daughter can’t enjoy the outdoors, or have access to clean air. I am challenged, invigorated, and inspired by RMI’s mission and vision.”

Authored Works
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Taking the Reinventing Fire Path (Video)

Business and policy leaders came together last week at the Aspen Environment Forum for a vibrant exchange of ideas on a variety of topics from energy to food related to how Earth can sustain “our expanding human needs.” RMI Chairman and Chief Scientist Amory Lovins sat down for a conversation with Aspen Institute Senior Fellow in Energy and Environment Jack Riggs to discuss Reinventing Fire.

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What Keeps Utilities Up at Night?

Within any given city, many well-established sectors must change to accommodate plug-ins, and diverse players must build a new system of connectivity in order to coordinate charging times, billing, consumer preferences, and other factors.

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Putting the “Do” in “Think and Do Tank”

Your support can help drive a future powered by efficiency and renewables-- Rocky Mountain Institute’s annual Spring Appeal calls on those who share our vision of a new energy era based on energy efficiency. Your support is key to our work to drive the U.S. toward a secure and vibrant future free of fossil fuels. Now, your donation can be doubled thanks to a generous anonymous donor who has given RMI a $50,000 matching challenge.

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EV Readiness: Let’s Walk Before We Run

The term, “coopetition” is often thrown around RMI. It describes a spirit embraced by innovative companies to set aside their differences and collaborate toward a common goal—one that is often much bigger and more ambitious than what an organization could reasonably achieve alone.

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A Universe of (Good) Data At Your Fingertips

Building energy modelers want, and need a universe of useful data. Observing the BEM Summits “Support and Resources” breakout group (which focused on the question, “what tools does an energy modeler need when they sit down to model?”), this point was abundantly clear.

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Building a Future Vision Starts with Common Language

What’s the difference between a building energy modeler and a building energy analyst? This may just sound like semantics, but according to participants at RMI’s BEM Innovation Summit, the devil’s in the details. Building a common language for energy modeling services is essential for defining and growing the market.

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Is Predicting Energy Efficiency Performance a Gamble?

Vegas could make a killing collecting bets on potential building energy performance —some might say you have as good a chance picking next year’s Super Bowl winner. Yet, building energy modelers are tasked with the challenge of predicting building energy use before a building is even designed, or before they know how the building will be used and operated.

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Building an Energy Modeling Master Plan

With commercial building retrofits starting to take center stage -- bolstered by federal support, spurred by public disclosure of performance benchmarks and popularized by hallmark projects -- demand for energy modeling services may soon be in the spotlight. And while LEED and an increase in whole-building performance analysis has driven demand for energy modeling services, there are several barriers that must be overcome to maximize energy efficiency and achieve aggressive performance goals.

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How America’s 50 Largest Cities Rate on EV Readiness

Turn on the TV, and you will likely view a commercial featuring the plug-in capable Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf. Reading the paper, you have no doubt encountered news about their much-anticipated launch (GM will publicly launch the Volt later this month).Turn on the TV, and you will likely view a commercial featuring the plug-in capable Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf. Reading the paper, you have no doubt encountered news about their much-anticipated launch (GM will publicly launch the Volt later this month).

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How to Make Solar Power Cost Competitive in 5 Years or Less

Last month, after a state senate bill increasing California's renewable energy standard failed to pass, the state's Air Resources Board (CARB) increased the goal on their own, establishing the 33 percent by 2012 renewable electricity standard. California now claims the country's highest renewable energy standard, with Colorado close behind -- 30 percent renewable by 2020.