Kelly Vaughn

Director of Donor Communications
  • Development

Kelly is a Program Marketing Director with RMI’s communications team, where she manages communications strategy and campaign implementation for the buildings and development teams.


Kelly was RMI’s senior PR coordinator from 2008–2012 departing to serve as the director of communications for the Town of Snowmass Village. There, she was responsible for overseeing and executing all facets of marketing and communications for the government organization, supporting nine departments, and driving a deeper level of community engagement. She also served as liaison to the town’s environmental advisory board and helped champion significant investments in building efficiency and resource conservation while updating the town’s sustainability plan. Her background includes collegiate soccer recruiting and coaching, and communications consulting for nonprofits. Kelly has extensive experience in marketing and communications strategy, public relations, writing, and internal communications.

  • MA, Communications, University of Dubuque
  • BA, Studio Art, Colorado College

Basalt, CO




“I am proud that the work I do, and the people I work with everyday, are doing something positive for our future. As a mother, I can’t imagine a world where my daughter can’t enjoy the outdoors, or have access to clean air. I am challenged, invigorated, and inspired by RMI’s mission and vision.”



Authored Works
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Six Critical Levers to Transform our Energy Future (Video)

Originally posted on October 18, 2011 and written by Kelly Vaughn. Today as Americans go to the polls, we're running this post from last year because transforming our energy future—especially in the wake of tragic and destructive weather events like Hurricane Sandy—is more important than ever.

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Good Natural Gas News Today, But What About Tomorrow?

Recent articles have posited that natural gas is so cheap and plentiful that it not only challenges coal as our dominant source of electricity in the short term, but will also threaten the development of renewables in the long-term.

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Join RMI at VERGE Cities 2.0

Across the U.S., progress at the city level to a fossil fuel free U.S. economy shows how the dynamic relationship between local leaders in business, government, and civil society are playing out.

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Turning Sunshine Into Dollars in the Roaring Fork Valley

Years ago, a Basalt native Paul Spencer set out to build an off-grid home not far from RMI’s Snowmass office. Through the process of designing and building his house, he developed a passion for real estate, and became well versed in renewable energy technologies.

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RPS: States Can, Should, Go Farther

Last week, James Newcomb and Mathias Bell gave a presentation to the California Energy Commission describing different ways California could go beyond their current renewable portfolio standard and achieve a 50 percent renewable electricity system by 2030—cost effectively. But why would a state with the most aggressive goal for renewables go even farther? I sat down with both of them to find out.

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Video: Los Angeles Discusses Options to Get EV’s on the Road

Los Angeles is often known as the “car capital of the world.” Today, the city’s current mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, is firmly committed to plug-in electric vehicle technology, building upon the city’s historic EV deployment in the 1990s—and to leveraging the 117 public access electric chargers that remain.

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RMI Takes the Volt For a Spin

For a week last month, RMI had an unexpected visitor to our Boulder office—a Chevy Volt courtesy of a Project Get Ready partner! Curious RMIers took this opportunity to take the car for a test drive. Here’s what they had to say about their driving experience.

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Empire State Building Retrofit Surpasses Energy Savings Expectations

Today, Malkin and partners announced that the building exceeded its energy-efficiency guarantee by five percent, saving $2.4 million and establishing a commercial real estate model for reducing costs, maximizing return on investment, increasing real estate value, and protecting the environment.

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Building Solar Friendly Communities in Colorado

Coloradoans often brag that the state receives an average of 300 days of sunshine each year. In addition to attracting outdoor enthusiasts year round, the sun also positions Colorado as an emerging hub in the booming U.S. solar market.