Accelerating Decarbonization by Establishing Carbon Transparency

What is COMET?

COMET (the Coalition on Materials Emissions Transparency) is an alliance between MIT’s Sustainable Supply Chains initiative, the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, RMI, and the Colorado School of Mines. Our goal is to create a universal greenhouse gas (GHG) calculation framework for the mineral and industrial supply chains.

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Why does it matter?

Neither consumers, corporates, or financial institutions know the actual embodied emissions in the products they buy, produce, or invest in. While methods like life-cycle analysis and environmental product declarations exist, none use a verifiable, comparable, or widely accepted emissions reporting framework, and therefore cannot create meaningful change.

Without insight into those emissions, it’s impossible for companies to meet sustainability targets, and it’s impossible for consumers to make smarter choices or hold these companies accountable.

What are we doing?

COMET is working with financiers, producers, and buyers to boldly go where no carbon transparency platform has gone before.

The COMET framework will:

  • Provide a foundation for integrating environmental reporting metrics

  • Support and enhance existing initiatives for sustainable production, making GHG disclosure comparable, reliable, and widely accepted

  • Root its calculation framework within the GHG protocol and help quantify sustainable production

  • Develop a clear understanding of emissions from the production of key materials like steel, copper, and cement, which will provide insight into the carbon content of consumer products like cars, buildings, and phones


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