Kathleen Wight

Kathleen Wight

Kathleen worked at RMI as RMI’s Corporate Engagement Manager, partnering with corporations to catalyze rapid, ambitious private-sector action and innovation across the most critical sectors and geographies in alignment with a 1.5°C future.

Working closely with ambitious corporations across the globe, Kathleen forged robust institute-level relationships to help businesses meet their sustainability goals, driving innovation and scaling and working together to strategically amplify and accelerate RMI’s work toward a 1.5°C energy transition.


Prior to her role, Kathleen led External Engagement for RMI’s Climate Intelligence Program. In that role, Kathleen worked on solutions to reduce emissions in industrial and business value chains, partnering with ambitious industry leaders and climate NGOs to create market mechanisms to meet the growing demand for emissions transparency and low-carbon products and services.

Kathleen also led RMI’s Clean Skies for Tomorrow Demand Signal work, aimed at stimulating and scaling the production of sustainable aviation fuel as the most viable near-term solution for decarbonizing the aviation industry.

Prior to moving to the Climate Intelligence Program, Kathleen was RMI’s Manager of Executive Operations and managed the operational aspects of RMI’s leadership team and its CEO office, ensuring efficient and effective team results. Before that, Kathleen served as the Executive Assistant to the CEO at RMI.


B.A., Political Science, University of Maine, Orono

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