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Carbon Free Cities & States

In the US, cities and states are at the forefront of climate change risk and opportunity. And while many are making climate commitments, they need strategic, cost-effective solutions and the technical assistance to bring those intentions to reality. Internationally, regions and countries are looking for a credible, economically viable path to full climate-neutrality.
RMI is working on all levels – domestically, internationally, and with subnational actors – to tackle climate change and deliver economic, health, and resiliency opportunities to all global citizens.

The RMI Difference

For more than 35 years, RMI has focused on practical climate change solutions that can stimulate growth, rather than be at odds with it. Because we work across multiple energy sectors we can deliver a holistic suite of services to cities, including cross-cutting research and analysis, facilitation of diverse stakeholders, and access to industry experts throughout our vast network. Our strategy is to work with cohorts of cities and focus on a limited number of near-term, high impact activities that can be launched quickly with concrete results.

Interested in learning more or joining a cohort? Email us at cities@rmi.org



America’s Pledge

An initiative of former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and California Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., America’s Pledge works to analyze, catalyze, and showcase how climate action led by states, cities, and businesses is driving the United States together toward a low-carbon future.


City Renewables Accelerator

RMI and World Resources Institute are working together to accelerate opportunities for the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge winners, Urban Sustainability Directors Network members, and other U.S. cities to implement high-impact, near-term renewable energy projects.




In China, we partner with the government to help the nation profitably surpass its existing national energy and emissions targets, dramatically reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, and set a clear pathway for the developing world to follow.


India Urban Mobility Lab

The Urban Mobility Lab is a platform that supports a replicable process to transform the way goods and people move in Indian cities by identifying, integrating, implementing, and scaling cost-effective and clean pilot projects.


Residential Energy+

Working with cohorts of cities, we are advancing carbon reduction goals in the residential sector while improving affordability, resilience, and quality of life for residents.


Electricity Regulatory Reform

We aim to support three to five states that are committed to comprehensive regulatory and business model reform to drive a renewably powered electricity system by 2020.


Mobility Pilot Projects

We conducted mobility transformation pilot projects in select cities to create a scalable model for other cities nationally and globally.


City Renewables

We work with cohorts of cities grouped around key renewable procurement methods to deliver knowledge, tools, technical assistance, and peer learning to quickly implement and scale clean energy solutions.

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America's Pledge

Fulfilling America’s Pledge, launched at the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit, is the most comprehensive assessment to date of how these real economy leaders are driving the United States toward a low-carbon future.

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Carbon Free City Handbook

A resource for city leaders around the world to take real and meaningful action toward their commitments with ready-to-implement, no regrets solutions that have proven success.

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Carbon Free Regions Handbook

A set of recommendations based on proven, actionable, and impactful work already led by local governments around the world.

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Cities Designed to Shape and Enable New Mobility

An overview of MOD Cities—living test sites where local municipal governments, developers, financiers, vehicle manufacturers, mobility service providers, and urban designers and architects actively collaborate to co-innovate at the nexus of urban design, vehicles, and new mobility services.

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Better Rentals, Better City

Smart policies to improve rental housing energy performance.

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Tools for Carbon-Free Buildings, Districts, and Communities

Demonstrating the business case of using R-PACE for financing the rapid development of net zero energy new construction in states and cities across the US

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Accelerating Fort Collins’ Energy and Climate Goals

Examining the opportunity for advancing Fort Collins’ energy and climate goals to reflect the community’s values while capturing economic, social, and environmental benefits.

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City of Boulder Climate Action Plan Analysis

A thorough analysis of Boulder’s demand side management programs using a modified utility cost test approach to determine lifetime emissions reductions and the cost/benefit ratio for each program.

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Four US States Scoring Under-the-Radar Clean Energy Wins

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Report Release: Cities Designed to Shape and Enable New Mobility

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Fulfilling America’s Pledge: How Cities are Taking Charge in the Next Wave of Clean Energy Procurement

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Fulfilling America's Pledge: Buckeye Cities Blaze a Path for Renewables

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