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Report | 2024

Roadmap to a Sustainable Aviation Future

Rocky Mountain Region – Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming

By Joey Cathcart, Jason Humphrey, Thomas Kirk,  Joaquin Rosas,  Jane Sadler,  Yuchen Wu
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National momentum is building to decarbonize the aviation sector and accelerate the deployment of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The Rocky Mountain region (RMR), comprised of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, is well-positioned to take advantage of this pivotal opportunity. The region boasts growing demand, ample SAF feedstocks, established industrial infrastructure, and legislative support for aviation decarbonization. Despite these advantages, however, the RMR currently lacks substantial SAF production, indicating an untapped opportunity to nurture a SAF industry.

This report delves into the production prospects of SAF within the RMR, focusing on the availability of regional feedstocks and policy mechanisms to stimulate SAF production and adoption. Through an examination of in-region feedstock availability, production pathways and alignment with the ambitious targets set forth by the US SAF Grand Challenge, this report aims to identify opportunities and strategies to bridge existing gaps in SAF supply. As national efforts bolster support for SAF stakeholders, and select states initiate measures to attract SAF production, this roadmap endeavors to provide a comprehensive overview of the SAF landscape in the RMR and outline the short-, medium-, and long-term actions needed to facilitate strategic SAF development within the region and help decarbonize the aviation sector as a whole.