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Webinar: SAFc Registry – What it is, how to engage, and why it matters

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About This Event

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is critical to decarbonize aviation globally, but it is difficult to scale due to insufficient supply, disaggregated demand, and a green premium on sustainable fuels. The SAFc Registry, founded by RMI and EDF in collaboration with SABA and developed and administered by EnergyWeb, is a new digital registry for sustainable aviation fuel certificates (SAFc) that will support and accelerate the deployment of SAF by bringing more transparency to emissions reduction claims about air transport.  

The registry enables fuel suppliers, airlines, corporate flyers, freight carriers, logistics service providers, and freight shippers to demonstrate and verify that the SAF and SAFc they invest in meets specific sustainability criteria linked to certifications of each fuel’s supply chain.  

Join experts from RMI, EDF and EnergyWeb for a tour of the registry and learn how SAFc can help your organization meet sustainability goals and support auditable claims in climate disclosures, while helping scale the nascent SAF market.  


POWERPOINT: Welcome to the SAFc Registry

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