Transition Finance: From Transition Plans to Transactions

  • Hybrid
  • Blue Zone, COP28, Dubai, UAE

About This Event

While a focus on reducing financed emissions has helped drive capital towards low-carbon solutions, ‘transition finance’ is needed to accelerate and account for financing emissions reductions in carbon-intensive companies and sectors with credible transition plans. However, the topic of transition finance faces concerns over greenwashing, carbon lock-in, and a lack of market standardization. To move from plans to transactions at scale, safeguards are necessary to ensure transition capital is deployed credibly.

This panel will share best practices and reflect on actions outlined in an open letter from global NGOs identifying how to overcome barriers to transition finance, ensure credibility, and achieve real-world impact.


Bob Wigley

Chairman, UK Finance

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Laura Barlow

Group Head of Sustainability, Barclays

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James Close

Head of Climate Change, NatWest Group

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Masayuki Takanashi

Group Chief Sustainability Officer, SMBC Group

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Heather Zichal

Global Head of Sustainability, JP Morgan Chase

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Celine Herweijer

Group Chief Sustainability Officer, HSBC

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Brian O’Hanlon

Managing Director, Finance, RMI

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POWERPOINT: Transition Finance: From Transition Plans to Transactions

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