Who We Are

At RMI, we are creative, passionate people who are curious life-long learners. We seek a diverse team as we need the widest range of perspectives to understand the systems we are trying to change.

Our mission of transforming the global energy system to secure a clean, prosperous, zero-carbon future for all is no easy task. The work is demanding but also rewarding when you feel that you are making a difference in the world. This takes passion for what we do and what we believe. The kind of passion that energizes you to work toward solutions with enthusiasm. The kind of passion that helps you relentlessly push through successes and failures. And the kind of passion that will drive you to do your best to create a better world for everyone on the planet.


Do you keep asking “why” until you get to the deep root of the matter? Are you able to look at problems forward, backward, upside down, and inside out? Can you thrive in unfamiliar territory to achieve groundbreaking insights? Our work is always diverse and complex and crosses over many different fields. Being curious, audacious, and fearless has given us a long track record of solving big problems that nobody has ever solved before. If this sounds exhilarating to you, join us!


Being a creative thinker and doer is important in our work. We don’t look at just solving problems but also ways to avoid them. And after we solve problems, we look for creative ways to scale those solutions, to make an even greater impact. Can you imagine how to tell your story through charts, images, or graphics? Can you blend disparate facts and meld ideas from seemingly unrelated fields into a shattering insight? If so, let’s talk.

Learning Agility

Do you consider yourself a life-long learner? Are you motivated by personal and professional growth regardless of your work experience? If so, then you’ll feel right at home here. You will work and collaborate with some of the brightest thought leaders focused on energy transformation. This requires an appetite for continual learning and development to help you reach your full potential. The complexity and scope of our work will give you more opportunities to lead and grow in pursuit of our shared mission.

Zhe Wang
"RMI is an organization that always looks into innovative and creative approaches to deal with energy transit and efficiency issues. Both Beijing and our other offices are like families so that working here every day is enjoyable for me."
Zhe Wang – Manager

Solving difficult problems takes time, flexibility, and relentless patience. Most of our biggest initiatives will take decades to fully flower, usually with a diverse and shifting slate of outside partners. Along the way are doubts, setbacks, uncertainties, dark times, tactical shifts, and constant questioning. Can you adapt to change but stay focused on the mission? Do you persevere through adversity? Do you have a high tolerance of ambiguity, and can you react swiftly with relative ease?


Our mission requires a sense of urgency for developing solutions. Your eagerness for the next challenge as you take a past failure as a learning opportunity will serve you well. RMI cultivates a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment that provides structure without stricture and accountability without inhibition. Though our nonprofit organization exercises the discipline of a for-profit firm, we value leadership over management and grit over passivity. If you know where you’re headed, your speed and well-rounded capabilities will accelerate our work and your development.


Do you strive to get the concept clear, the number right, the word precise, the image moving, the layout beautiful, the message compelling—not just because it works better, but because you have high personal standards? We do too. We strive to build in excellence from the start, not add it later, so all our effort goes not to fixing mistakes but to fulfilling mission. Concise, easy to understand, and graceful communication skills are valued. Imagining the graph or picture or phrase that’s worth a thousand words is treasured; fundamentally reframing the question or design problem to redirect the whole inquiry toward simplicity is invaluable.


We’re not only passionate and curious, but we apply that passion and curiosity with focus and rigor. We apply exhaustive research and analysis to every question we ask and every solution we propose. Our commitment and dedication to a clean energy future is backed by our technical expertise to drive the rapid systemic change that we need.