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Tamara Grbusic

  • Global Climate Finance

Tamara is an Associate with the Global Climate Finance team working on green investment banks and on improving access to climate finance in developing countries.


Prior to joining RMI, Tamara completed her master’s degree at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, where she focused on international finance and sustainable development. Before Yale, she worked for the International Monetary Fund as a Research Analyst.


Master of Arts in Global Affairs, Yale University

Bachelor of Arts in Economics and History, Grinnell College

Authored Works
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How to Retire Early: Making Accelerated Coal Phaseout Feasible and Just

For over a century, growing presence of coal smokestacks worldwide signified economic development and progress. Coal supplied our homes with electricity and our factories with power. At the same time, this workhorse of the industrial era caused serious harm to our health and the environment. Today, the costs of continuing…

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Green Banks 101

Countries around the world have committed to undertake ambitious climate action as part of the Paris Agreement. However, development of climate solutions cannot be solely dependent on limited concessional funds from multilateral institutions. Instead, they must be country driven and enabled by local ownership that drives investment and attracts…

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Green Banks for Economic Recovery and Climate Mitigation

Think what a relief it would be, amid the worst unemployment spell since the Great Depression, to at least not have to worry about paying large electricity bills. That is a benefit enjoyed by families who have solar panels on their roofs that significantly reduce their electricity rates. Connecticut Green Bank’s …