Report | 2018

Public Collaborative for Puerto Rico’s Energy Future

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The devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria unveiled the opportunity for and urgency of a significant reformation of Puerto Rico’s electricity system.

The report, created along with the Institute for a Competitive and Sustainable Economy (ICSE), showcases the recommendations created by a diverse group of participants, reflecting areas of agreement and disagreement, and endorsed by twenty-six of the forty-one participating stakeholders to inform new Puerto Rican energy policy. State Act 120 requires Puerto Rico to develop a new energy policy and regulatory framework by November.

The report lists specific recommendations for policymakers in four key areas:

  • The promotion of an energy vision for Puerto Rico’s self-sufficiency and credibility
  • An independent regulator with enforcement powers
  • A modern regulatory framework and integrated resource plan (IRP)
  • The involvement of cooperatives and municipalities in the transition